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It has two cup pockets that can be taken out…

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco Myfit Harness mode is good for kids who are at least two years old, weigh between 25 and 65 pounds, and are at least 54 inches tall. Transcriptions by Graco Booster Car Seat with 3-in-1 Harness The Changes Made by Graco The three-in-one harness booster Car seats are made to grow with your child and go with you wherever you go, in your car, in a carpool, or anywhere else. This small car seat has a Simply Safe Adjust Harness System that lets you adjust the harness and headrest to 8 different heights without having to rethread it for harness boosters (for children weighing 22 to 65 pounds), high-back boosters (for children weighing 40 to 100 pounds), and backless boosters (for children weighing 40 to 100 pounds). It has two cup pockets that can be taken out, a machine-washable seat pad, a body insert, and harness covers to keep your child happy.

The no-rethread, simply safe adjustment harness system makes it possible to adjust the headrest and harness at the same time. 2 washable cup holdersKeep your child’s food and drinks close by. Open-loop belts help you put your seat belt in the right place in your car. Forward-facing harness (for kids 22 to 65 pounds), highback booster (for kids 40 to 100 pounds), and backless booster that grows with your child (40–100 pounds) We raised the minimum weight from 30 pounds to 40 pounds to keep up with industry standards. In booster mode, the MyFit car seat can be used by kids over 4 years old who weigh between 40 and 100 pounds and are between 38 and 57 inches tall. The cup holder can be taken out, but doing so makes the car wider. It is easy to put together. As a Lyft driver, I often take them off and put them back on. They can knock them off if the kids’ cup is tall, but most kids’ cups aren’t that tall, so they’ll be fine.

The Chicco MyFit harness and booster car seat are made to grow with your child. It quickly and easily changes from a 5-point harness for small children to a belt-positioning booster for bigger children. Two layers of protection come from the DuoGuard Security EPS foam and the deep hard shell. The high-back booster seat has a nine-position headrest and a four-position recline so that it can grow with your child. In both modes, the dual-density foam cushioning on the extra-deep, shaped ErgoBoost seat makes the ride more comfortable. Superior DuoGuard has two layers of protection for the head and torso in case of a side impact. It does this by combining a deep, hard shell with EPS energy-absorbing foam to support the head and torso. A steel-reinforced frame gives parents extra protection in case of an accident. meets or exceeds the US FMVSS 213 requirements for a frontal crash test for a child restraint. Don’t use bleach. A 3-in-1 harness booster helps keep your child safe from birth to age 13.

There are comfortable seat pads, body supports, and harness covers that can be washed in a machine. A light, portable seat is great for parents who are always on the go. ProtectPlus by Graco Engineered is the result of the toughest crash tests. It keeps your child safe in frontal, side, rear, and rollover crashes.

In both modes, there are nine headrest adjustments that allow for growth, and a four-position recline works with them to keep good posture. For more comfort, an extra-deep ErgoBoost seat with padding made of foam with two different densities is angled and shaped. DuoGuard has two layers of protection to keep people safe: a strong shell and shock-absorbing EPS foam around the head and torso.The seat shell is also strengthened with a steel frame, making it more resistant to impact while still being a small car seat. With nine positions for the headrest, a headrest that is easy to move makes both positions comfortable. Easy to put in place: Premium LATCH connectors, the LockSure belt-tightening system, RideRight bubble levels, and the ReclineSure levelling mechanism all make installation easy, whether you’re using the harness or the seat belt. When not being used as a travel booster seat, the two push-button-removable CupFolders can be folded away to save space.


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